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Tianjin CFDF 2021 brings to a successful conclusion
On October 18th, the four-day exhibition held by Apritaly in Tianjin Four Seasons Hotel had been ended in a satisfactory way. The Tianjin CFDF 2021 had attracted a large number of professional audiences, importers and dealers with warm enthusiasm.  This time Apritaly carried a total of 19 wineries from 6 Italian wine regions, nearly 200 Italian wines participated in the Fair. Among them, not only well-known wineries from the four major wine regions: Toscany, Piemont, Veneto, and Alto-Adige, but also wineries providing high cost-effective products which are very suitable for the Chinese market, as well as the high-quality boutique wineries in the middle price. These wineries presented a wonderful wine feast for the audiences.
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